Fathers of the Bible: A Devotional

No one can take a father’s place in the life of his children. I have adapted these devotions from Men of the Bible to create Fathers of the Bible, a unique devotional experience for dads.

When we take a Bible in our hands, we are actually holding a user’s manual for fathers. Story after story, it reveals our heavenly Father’s love for his Son, and for us. It also shares the accounts of earthly fathers whose examples we’ll want to either imitate or avoid.

The twelve chapters in Fathers of the Bible offer slices from the biblical stories of men who were fathers. From them, we can learn something about the tasks, privileges, challenges, and failures of fatherhood. We’ll discover the faithfulness of Noah, the conniving of Jacob, the unbridled passion of David, and the quiet confidence of Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.

Each of these men was a dad. Their geographic settings and life circumstances were vastly different from ours, but the struggles and challenges of fatherhood are remarkably similar.

Fathers of the Bible has been designed for personal prayer and study or for use in small groups. I hope it will help you ground your relationship with your children on God’s Word.

March 26, 2006