7 Things You Better Have Nailed Down Before All Hell Breaks Loose

They’re called “foundational beliefs” for a reason. You can build a life on them – your life. They’re nothing fancy. You don’t need a PhD to make sense of them. But if you don’t get them nailed down, you may be asking for trouble.

In this book, I boil the Christian faith down to seven basics, illustrating them with a rich trove of ancient wisdom and contemporary stories. Understand these seven things, weave them into your life, and have the calm, clarity, and confidence to face life’s predictable challenges – even when all hell breaks loose.

“Your level of success when all hell breaks loose depends on one thing; how well you prepare for it right now, long before the devastation arrives…collecting and knowing the essentials – nailing them down – is a game plan that can prepare you and me for anything,’ And even if you think it’s too late “if the wheels have already come off” this book might just be the lifeline you need.

May 28, 2008